Custom Solar Systems

Custom Solar Systems - Renewable Energy Developments


Renewable Energy Developments specializes in standalone renewable power solutions using photovoltaic, wind power, and hydroelectric power generation. Our environmentally friendly systems are designed to be an alternative to conventional electric power. 

Solar power is a very popular solution for most applications, and we have the capacity to design and build systems for any application, no matter how small or large. 

We can combine solar power with other local renewable resources such as wind and hydro power if applicable. In the end, we can offer an alternative energy solution for just about any application for any power.

Our design experts utilize the most advanced technology and resources to provide a unique and practical solution to your problem.

Our technologies include smart system monitoring (Iphone & Android), remote cellular activation (for pumping stations etc.), motion detection (for Security Lighting and Alarms), and much more. Below some of the common types of applications we design for.

Battery Backup Systems

Billboard Lighting

Commercial Sign Lighting

Flag Lighting

Irrigation Control Systems

Parking Lot Lighting

Flow Meters (Oil, Gas, Water)

Gate Operation

Wifi and Cellular Modems

Security Cameras (CCTV) and Alarms

Security/Area Lighting

Shelter Lighting

Universal Power Supply (UPS)


Water and Well Pumps